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Stone sink and draining in Montauban

Double drainer natural stone sink with its bunghole and brass faucet.

The charm of our grandmother’s kitchen

The pleasure of having a unique object, which will look like us and fit perfectly into our primary living space which is the kitchen.

Rediscovering the charm of our grandmother’s kitchen, being in a natural and authentic environment, this is what a natural stone sink brings us.

The surface will be bush hammered, then softened by sanding. It will take on character, the material “will have things to tell”.

Our beige stone with inclusions of brown shells “speaks stone” naturally, one immediately feels the healthy material, the raw nature.

The only enemy is acid, so be careful not to leave acidic liquid stagnating on the stone for more than half an hour, otherwise the surface of the stone will be altered, frosted.

But above all you will have the obvious feeling that your workmate in the kitchen comes from very far away and will be at your side for a few generations…

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