Your house will not be the same anymore!

The customed stone staircase

A staircase will always allow you to go from one floor to another.

That said, it can do a lot more!

A well drawn staircase will give character to your interior; its lines, proportions, style can make it a true work of art.

escalier balancé en pierre avec palier

To begin, choose the type of custom made staircase that will suit you:

Spiral for small spaces

Steps placed on a frame when there is no bearing wall

Suspended and anchored in a wall to bring energy and lightness.
It’s magic, the stone flies away.

With carrier silt to completely free the passage under the stairs. It becomes airy and allows all audacities for a breathtaking decoration element!

Sober or centerpiece of your home, the staircase must be comfortable and harmonious.
With or without molding, polished or aged finish and patina, width and amplitude are all parameters to be tuned with the technical constraints of your interior.

The important points to consider for your stone customed staircase are:

  • the height between the finished soil of the two levels (F.F)
  • the height between the finished floor and the ceiling, to avoid the “head bang” (H)
  • the length and width of the hopper (L and L)
  • the recant available (R)
  • the nature of the walls