margelle de bassin en pierre

Coping and pool decking

Natural limestone, waterproof, non-slip, with a customised patina to match the surrounding architecture, becomes the aesthetic ally of your paving and outdoor installations.

The pool coping is a stone base that forms the edge of the swimming pool and defines its aesthetic boundaries. The shape of the coping also prevents insects and leaves from falling into the pool and preserves the quality of the water.

Natural stone, which is non-slip and non-frosting, is particularly suitable for pool coping, terrace paving, pool beaches and covers.

Our natural stone coping stones are made to measure, in dimensions adapted to your wishes and your projects. They can be patinated and coordinated with the natural stone paving of swimming pool decks and terraces or other outdoor installations.

Whether it is a renovation or a contemporary creation, the choice of natural limestone guarantees a solid and timeless natural material. Stone lends itself to all combinations of materials (wood, concrete, plants) and integrates harmoniously into most architecture and environments.

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