Setting stone gate pillars


At Grain de Pierre, we offer a complete service to set up your stone pillars, from the manufacture of the elements in our stone-cutting workshop, to the installation of the pillars, including the gate and its underground mechanism if you have chosen a motorized system.

piliers de portail en pierre de taille naturelle avec chapiteaux boule boulet grille fer forgé automatisme automatique électrique

The various steps involved in installing our stone gate pillars :

– fabrication of the natural limestone pillars in our workshop in Fleurance, after having designed the project with you (drawing the pillars in the desired dimensions, choosing the shape of the capitals, and the more or less aged finish, to harmonize the pillar stones with those of the existing building). In the case of stone pillars designed to receive an automatic gate, the stone is hollowed out in the center to accommodate the electrical conduits for the system that will run inside the pillars. This core drilling also enables concrete to be poured into the shafts (body of the pillars) and the base.

– on-site site preparation and masonry: after deciding on the location of the pillars, the foundations are laid, with a trench for pouring the reinforced concrete footing, providing a binding system that guarantees solidity and solidarity between the 2 pillars.

– Electrical ducts and the box containing the hydraulic system for the automatic gate opener are buried in the trench before pouring the reinforced concrete.

– Assembly of the stone pillars: bases, shafts and capitals (upper parts of pillars). Completion of joints between elements and last finishing touch.

– Installation of the gates.

natural stone gate pillars made to measure automatic wrought iron gate house renovation masonry driveway

Below is an overview of the different steps involved in the installation of stone pillars :