The ashlar pillars, a beautiful entrance in materials

The stone pillars materialize the entrance of your domain, embody the welcome, magnify the park or the garden of your residence, underline the presence of old stones in coherence with the architecture of the existing building.
True guardians of the private place, marking the limits of your land, they also give the first impression, the visual and aesthetic identity of your property.
When you choose to integrate pillars into your entrance, their appearance and the atmosphere that emanates from them should be given particular attention.

stone entrance

Whether it is two pillars supporting a gate, a wrought iron gate, or a purely ornamental pillar (monument, sculpture support), symbol of strength and resistance, its stones cut and patinated by our passionate craftsmen form an architectural element that seems to have been there forever, on which time will leave its natural imprint.

To have an idea of the budget, it is necessary to count between 2000 and 8000 € HT for the supply of a pair of pillars.

Square, rectangular or cylindrical (column), with a diamond-shaped capital, topped with a ball or a pine cone, with or without a supporting wall, each pillar is designed and created to measure by our specialists in the Grain de Pierre workshop.

piliers portail en pierre avec chapiteaux taillés en pointe de diamant et portail en ferronnerie

To accompany you in your choice, the Grain de Pierre team is at your disposal to build your project together. With the help of a preparatory drawing, we will be able to refine your wishes together, so that your pillars are realized according to your desires in the respect of a harmony with the present buildings and their environment.

Piliers d'entrée en pierre avec portail en ferronnerie

The lines of the pillars can be very simple yet authentic, for a more affordable project.

Piliers évidés avec placage en pierreen pierre

Total creation of the layout of your entrance, restoration of old pillar (change of some stones, modification of the capital, patina), we can also provide a stone cladding for unsightly concrete posts, in order to give them an elegance and an aspect in coherence with a place or a house. A natural stone cladding can be placed on the original texture of your pillars, giving them the look that suits your domain.

piliers d'entrée avec chapiteau orné d'une boule en pierre taillée dans la masse

Experts in stone at each stage of its finishing, Grain de Pierre’s specialists are also at your disposal for each project in order to offer you the best finishing, with the aging and patina that will best suit your pillars. The natural stone can be sanded, polished, layered, bush hammered… The precise handling of natural pigments and ochres will reinforce its color according to the desired aspect for a good integration of your pillars in their environment. The shades of gray will refine the aging to match the era of the building.


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