paire de piliers de portail en pierre de taille en rénovation d'un chateau

Renovation of the pillars of a castle gate

South West France

Project genesis

The large ashlar pillars of the large portal were very damaged as shown in the photos below, and have been rebuilt to their original condition.

The local stone used for the old pillars was very old and frosty and had to be completely replaced. The style of the original pillars was exactly respected, with pilasters, beading, moulded capitals topped by a shelf, and wheel chases. The whole project was carried out in our workshop in solid natural limestone, aged and patinated, in order to respect the aspect of the surrounding ancient stones.

paire de piliers de portail de chateau en pierre de taille après restauration

The pillars after / before :

après avant du remplacement des piliers de portail anciens en pierre de taille