A stone frame for a door or window

For renovation or new construction, we manufacture, to measure and with a finish to order, the stones for your openings.
Solid or veneered, with or without rebate, straight or curved…


renovation of an ashlar window frame

In renovation, the opening is usually made of solid stone.
We number each stone and provide a detailed laying plan.

For a new construction, it is most often a question of dressing the existing openings with a stone veneer.
In this case, it is possible to glue slabs by staggering the facing and the panel so as to create a joint at the bottom of the rebate.

We can also make “L” shaped hollowed stones which, once in place, will look exactly like solid stones.

In all cases, we will work with you to find the best solution for your project.


Here are a few examples of stone window frames in different styles, but where the stone work gives a timeless and durable dimension to the facades of older and younger houses, harmonising with their style and/or restoring their original appearance :

encadrement de fenêtre e pierre de taille rénovation avant après


<  Before and after of a classic stone frame that gives the façade of this renovated Gascon house its former appearance.

door frame in moulded ashlar with antique patina


<  Before and after : door frame in stone veneer, with a moulded lintel and jambs that give the whole a look while respecting the style of the façade.

natural stone door frame in gothic style


<  For this house we made a custom-made gothic style door frame, with an accolade lintel and the integration of the coat of arms. (For details and more images of this gothic openings project, see the dedicated page)

ouverture trigéminée en pierre de taille sur mesure


<  Creation of a trigeminal opening during the renovation of the various buildings in this stone complex.

encadrement d'ouverture en pierre de


<  Creation of a low-arched opening as part of the renovation of this house, with an ashlar frame in keeping with the architecture of the site.

You can consult our Buildings Restoration section to discover our latest projects in cut stone, respecting the old architecture : door and window frames, wells, balusters, religious buildings…