Stone fountain with carved lion's head pediment

Fountain frontispiece with lion’s head in traditionnal stonecutting

A niche carved into the stone, a sculpted motif, a traditional moulding, an aged look and a sustained patina, here we are in front of a work of authentic stonework that seems to tell us the story of past centuries…

Composed of a simple rectangular basin and a sculpted pediment, the fountain was cut by hand from natural stone. Its pediment is surmounted by a moulded arch cornice. A lion’s head has been sculpted inside an arched niche, which is itself framed by sculpted scrollwork.

We make garden fountains and outdoor ponds to measure, in cut stone, and we can age and patinate the stone on request so that the whole is in perfect harmony with the architectural environment of the place. Do not hesitate to entrust us with your project !