grand évier en pierre naturelle double bacs extra plat égouttoir bondes légumes calcaire marbre moulure cuisine rinçage

Large custom-made stone sink

Eauze, Gers

Project details

This natural stone sink with its atypical shape was designed for its client, who wanted a functional and aesthetic element adapted to his kitchen and his specific practices.

Tailor-made for our customer : a thin stone sink for rinsing fruit and vegetables, with a very shallow first basin and an almost flat second basin/drainer.

An original stone sink in light beige marble limestone, with large dimensions, soft shapes and a slightly aged finish, for perfect integration into old walls.

grand évier en pierre naturelle calcaire sur mesure 2 bacs cuves rinçage légumes égouttoir spécial atypique original cuisine

Our stone sinks and basins are made to measure in our workshop. We use a particularly suitable light beige marble limestone, with virtually zero porosity (0.3), and apply a water repellent to the stone. The basin is polished to further enhance the grain of the stone.