custom-made natural stone fireplace with integrated stove

Natural stone fireplace

in Manosque, Haute Provence

Project details

This fireplace, inspired by the “Renaissance” style, was made to measure in a natural French stone selected for its technical and aesthetic qualities. The stone has been worked to give it an aged look, so the fireplace fits in with this old house where natural materials used in the respect of traditions have been favoured in the renovation of the place. The stone base of the fireplace can accommodate a wood stove.

Custom-made natural stone mantel with fluted jambs and moulded lintel, integration of a stove

Close-up of the sculptural work on the moulded lintel and the console jambs of the fireplace, with its fluting :

Inspired by antiques, in a style that is both traditional and elegant, this stone fireplace, worked and patinated, fits easily into this renovated house.



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Photo credit © Guillaume Massardier –